Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Just Billing: GST Ready Billing Software

Just Billing: GST Ready Billing Software: Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be a comprehensive tax on production, sale, and consumption of any product/good and services, which will be followed across India. Just Billing is the first GST Ready Billing Software

Monday, 24 October 2016

Grow your retail business this festive season with Just Billing !!

Morning fog, mild smell of flowers, tinge of cold breeze makes autumn nostalgic. October to December, a time when every Indian kids gets excited for getting a gift from their parents. The clever God arranged all sort of festivals in this duration irrespective of religion and cast. Durga Puja, Eid, Diwali, Christmas...India becomes colorful with festive celebration.

Shopkeepers pick fresh lot of stocks for their shops, runs discounts and festive sale. They put extra LED lights to make it look more attractive. Every day when they open their shop, they pray to have a good sale day. A silent fear is there in their mind thinking whether they would be able to sale all the products or not. Few regular customers come, few doesn’t. Couple of new customers visit, not always they buy. Days end, a dark shadow arises in their mind, an uncertain near future – will they be able to make profit over their festive investment? If you are running a retail business, you definitely can correlate this scenario.

Magic might not work, logic always does. Let’s think logically how Just Billing can help you to make more sale in this festive season!

  Customer Loyalty: Just Billing allows you to capture customer’s contact details in the POS system. Customers contact number works as loyalty card, and enables customers to earn some loyalty points. So, whenever any regular customer visits, he or she can redeem those points against their bill amount. This deduction of invoice price makes them happy and bounds them to revisit your shop in next festival.

  Discount Alert: Just Billing allows you to send your product offer details to your customer via SMS or Email. ‘Discount’ the word in the message definitely turns on Indian buyers!

  Ease of Return or Refund: If customer makes a wrong purchase, they don’t have to gulp the product with a sad face. Just Billing makes the return, exchange or refund process much easier for your business. While accepting the product return, cross verify it with your POS invoice and proceed with exchange or refund policy as per your business.

  Sales Report: Just Billing automatically generates 50 + essential reports for your business. Starting from top selling products to daily sales, suppliers status to dead stock – it enable you to know all your trade secret. Plan your inventory and stock purchase based on that.

  Customers’ Feedback: A free feedback from your customer is a valuable asset of planning your future investment. Acknowledge what your customer likes and looks for which brand. Utilize this data and make your master plan. After all Customer is God!

So what are you waiting for? Try out free trial now. And if you like Just Billing for your business, don’t forget to poke us for subscribe the license. We have some amazing festive discounts for you!!